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Terms & Conditions

1. How to place an order from BlueGene Biotech?

1.1 Ordering Information for Customers

If you need to place an order, you may find your local distributor here or directly contact our international marketing Sales representatives, please find the contact information below.


International Marketing Sales Representatives Contact Info:
Europe & AfricaRainaeurope-raina@bluegene.cc
Tel+86 21 61106433/61106434/61106435/61106436

International Business Center Address:  BlueGene Biotech/Cellgene Bioscience

Room 601, 1st building, Lane 88 Sheng Rong Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China

1.2 Order Confirmation

When you need to place an order, please provide the information as follows:

  • Name of person/company placing the order and telephone number

  • Product name, product description, catalog number, quantity, and size

  • Purchase Order (PO) number

  • Shipping address and billing/invoice address

1.3 Bulk Orders:

Most of our products (like ELISA kits) are available to supply in bulk, please contact your local distributor here or our sales representatives for a quotation for bulk orders. Different discounts will be provided based on the ordering quantity.

2. Prices and Payment

Price: All prices are in U.S. dollars and are subject to our Proforma Invoice (PI).

Usually, our prices do not include air freight or shipping costs, VAT, duties, taxes, or other miscellaneous charges. 

BlueGene Biotech is not responsible for customs clearance fees.

If you need us to include air freight or shipping costs in the prices, please indicate in advance.

The price list will be renewed once a year.

Payment: Bank transfer only.

When the orders have been confirmed, our bank information would be annexed to the PI, please arrange the payment in time accordingly.

We will not bear the responsibility and expenses for the delay of delivery caused by overdue or delayed payment.

3. Shipping and Shipping Rates

  • Most of our products are shipped with ice bags. 

  • Generally, We will arrange the delivery within two weeks after receiving the order payment. If there is any change in the delivery schedule, please notify us in advance.

  • All products will be shipped out through our agreed couriers (namely FedEx/DHL/TNT through International Priority Way) unless the customer may provide their own courier accounts. 

  • If you may provide us with your agreed courier/shipping account (namely FedEx/DHL/TNT), we could assist to arrange shipments according to your delivery address. 

  • If you prefer to choose our own agreed courier/shipping account for shipping, we may offer around a 35-45% discount based on the actual air freight quoted by FedEx/DHL. It might save a lot of shipping costs for you.

  • We do not have the responsibility or control of a package going through customs clearance and/or being suffered in any clearance delay. It is the customer’s responsibility and obligation to contact the local customs/FedEx or their courier, pay the local import duties and taxes, submit the related import permit files, and/or provide any paperwork needed from the consignee in order to clear a package. We will not be responsible for the damages made to a product of the lack of refrigeration in customs clearance.

4. Technical Support

We provide 100% product quality promise and excellent technical support.

BlueGene Biotech Technical Service is available to answer after-sales questions within 24 hours from Monday to Friday.

5. Replacement and Refund

If there are some special cases that would be only applicable in bottle breakage or liquid leakage inside the packages during transportation, we would review the actual situation from the customer’s photograph evidence to provide replacement or refund accordingly. 

In case of replacement, it is the customer’s responsibility and obligation to pay the related shipping costs and local import duties and taxes, contact the local customs/FedEx or their courier, submit the related import permit files, and/or provide any paperwork needed from the consignee in order to clear a package in local customs.

Any requests for replacement or refund without prior authorization by our sales representative, we would not supply to replace or refund for the related products.

Due to the temperature sensitivity of our products, we are unable to resell the erroneous orders needed to be returned. If such cases occur, the related products may get refunded or replaced with prior authorization by our Customer Service. And all interpretation rights belong to BlueGene Biotech.