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  • Detection And Quality Control Of Host Proteins

    Host proteins (HCP) form a major part of the process-related impurities in the production of biologics. The amount of residual HCP in a pharmaceutical product is often considered a critical quality attribute (CQA) because of its potential to affect product safety and efficacy.

    Aug.09, 2022
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  • Definition And Structure Of Antibodies

    Antibodies are shaped like the letter 'Y' and their main job is to bind to an invading antigen, but not to kill the antigen - they do not have this function; the binding is to give the antigen a marker to be destroyed. When phagocytes find the marker to destroy, they come forward and swallow the antibody-bound antigen and digest it.

    Aug.09, 2022
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  • Selfish Bacterial Plasmids

    Plasmids are a segment of circular DNA within a bacterium that is not part of the bacterial nuclear genome; they replicate within the cell and enter a daughter cell at random when it divides.

    Aug.09, 2022
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50% Discount for Cellgene Bioscience branded ELISA kit for trial purposes.

Below is the promotional list. If you need detailed information, please click the product's name.

  • Valid Period:

    July 30, 2022 -- December 31, 2023

  • Trial Size:

    48 Tests/96 Tests

  • Delivery Line:

    7-10 days

  • Advantages:

    • High Sensitivity: The kits use the avidin and biotin system, and thus the kits have a high sensitivity due to the cascade amplification effect and are able to detect low-concentration samples.

    • High Stability: The kits contain a specific stabilizer, and the samples tested by the kits can get high stability and repeatability results.

    • High Specificity: The kits have no obvious cross-reaction in other species(except zebrafish). Validation data such as linearity, recovery, and cross-reaction can be provided.

    • Small CV: Intra-lot difference is <10%, and the inter-lot difference is <10%.

  • Terms and Conditions:

    Shipping costs, your local customs clearance cost and taxes will not be covered by the supplier.

  • Supports:

    Full technical support will be provided by our technical team, please contact for any technical support!

CG ELISA kits/ Cellgene Bioscience
Cat noProduct nameTrial sizeTargetSpecies
NE01A0503Human Angiopoietin 2 ELISA Kit96T/48TANG2Human
NE01C0009Human C-reactive protein ELISA Kit96T/48TCRPHuman
NE01C1899Human Collagen, type I, Alpha 1 ELISA Kit96T/48TCOL1A1Human
NE01E0526Human Receptor tyrosine-protein kinase erbB-2 ELISA Kit96T/48TErbB2/Her2Human
NE01I0010Human Interleukin 1β ELISA Kit96T/48TIL -1βHuman
NE01I0310Human Interleukin 18 ELISA Kit96T/48TIL-18Human
NE01I0431Human Immunoglobulin GELISA Kit96T/48TIgGHuman
NE01M0329Human Matrix metalloproteinase 9 ELISA Kit96T/48TMMP-9Human
NE03I0431Mouse Immunoglobulin G ELISA Kit96T/48TIgGMouse
NE11I0431Bovine Immunoglobulin G ELISA Kit96T/48TIgGBovine
NEGES0890Staphylococcus Aureus Protein A ELISA Kit96T/48TSPAGenerics
NE01I0004Human/Canine/Porcine Insulin ELISA Kit96T/48TINSHuman/Canine/Porcine
NE01I0056Human IL-8/CXCL8 ELISA Kit96T/48TIL-8/CXCL8Human
NE01C0064Human Chemokine (C-C motif) ligand 18 (CCL18/PARC) ELISA Kit96T/48TCCL18, CCL 18, CCL-18, chemokine CCL18/PARCHuman
NE01L0038Human Leptin ELISA Kit96T/48TLeptinHuman

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