Cgbio® ELISA Kits

At present, cgbio® ELISA kits are mainly used to detect the concentration of IgG, cytokines, and other indicators, such as interleukin, interferon, tumor necrosis factor superfamily, and so on. We're optimizing our ELISA kits for usage in more fields and helping different customers to meet their experimental demands. Cgbio ELISA kit has high specificity, sensitivity, and stability. In addition, we also optimized the sample diluent to eliminate the matrix interference that may cause to serum and plasma samples.


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Types of Cgbio® ELISA Kits

  • Drug Residue Test Kits
    • Drug Residue Test Kits are independently developed by Cellgene Bioscience, theses ELISA kits can be used to test drug residues, such as SPA, IgG, HCP.

    Drug Residue Test Kits
  • Research Reagents
    • Research Reagents are independently developed by Cellgene Bioscience, these ELISA kits have very good sensitivity and a wide detection range.

    Research Reagents

FAQs About Bluegene Biotech cgbio® ELISA Kits

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    What are cgbio® ELISA Kits?

    Cgbio® ELISA kits are the series of ELISA kits under the brand-Cellgene Bioscience. At present, the main scope includes enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay kits for cytokines, IgG, and SPA ELISA kits, which will be applied to industrial detection in the future. The kit is mainly composed of one plate pre-coated with specific antibodies and reagents required for detection.

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    Are cgbio® ELISA Kits expensive?

    The pricing of cgbio® ELISA kits is determined by the BlueGene Biotech team after careful consideration in combination with the market and overall cost. We can assure the customer of the very competitive price and good quality. For bulk orders, we will provide an extra discount.

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    What can cgbio® ELISA Kits be used for?

    Cgbio® ELISA kits are used to detect the concentrations of antigens and antibodies in various samples of humans, rats, mice, dogs, goats, chickens, pigs, and other species. The kits are suitable for the detection of various scientific research ELISA projects.

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    What are the main advantages of cgbio® ELISA kits?

    • High Specificity: Capture antibody and detection antibody respectively identify different epitopes of the antigen, which maximizes the specificity of the reaction. No cross-reaction exists between the homologous cytokines.

    • High Sensitivity: Detection antibody conjugated biotin cross-link with polyvalent and high-affinity avidin to initiate cascade amplification to maximize the sensitivity.

    • High Stability: the experiment uses high-quality coated antibodies and antigens, and also applies the broad spectrum protein stabilizers, and antibody pre-coated microplate treatment to increase the thermostability of the microplate, and the reproducibility of results.

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    How do I maintain quality control of ELISA?

    According to the quality verification item in the kit instructions, linear dilution performing, regression fitting and Linear calculation will be conducted for samples. For high concentration standards through dilution, the recovery rate is determined by adding standards or sample dilution. For the specific protein verification in the instructions, we verify the specificity by adding standards to make the recovery rate. Use the accelerated destruction experiment method at 37 ℃ to verify the shelf life of the kits. The usual accelerated destruction experiment method is: at 37 ℃ for 3 days and 7 days, respectively, compared with half a year and 1 year at 4 ℃.

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