Cellular Component Protein Library

Protein libraries are the raw materials for proteomic analysis. Fractionation of cells allows for targeted study of the protein composition of specific components of cells and facilitates the detection of low-abundance proteins. Protein mass spectrometry can be performed after the separation of different cellular fractions to obtain valuable data more efficiently.


Bluegene Biotech/Cellgene Bioscience are dedicated to providing professional and efficient cell component protein library services to meet the demands of our customers in their research and experimentation. We offer a high-quality, internally validated CELL COMPONENT PROTEIN LIBRARY that includes 10 components: 

Total Cellular Pellet

Total Cellular Protein

Nuclear Pellet

Nuclear Protein

Cellular Mitochondrial Pellet

Cellular Mitochondrial Protein

Cellular Exosome Pellet

Cellular Exosome Protein

Cellular Culture Supernatant Pellet

Cellular Culture Supernatant Protein. 

Additionally, we provide custom services tailored to meet the specific needs of our customers.

Our protein library is derived from seven major cell sources, allowing customers to choose the appropriate cell-derived protein library products as needed. Detailed product information is available for download by clicking the images below. 

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