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The product range from BlueGene Biotech is continuing to expand to meet resheachers’ various demands. Our distribution network are connected all over the world, so that we're able to provide our products and services to many countries, such as America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe etc. We are very honored to assist our customers worldwide with all passions and great efforts.

  • Custom ELISA Kits

    ELISA, stands for the enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay, the assay’s basic principle is to immobilize a certain concentration of antigen or antibody to the solid surface of a polystyrene microplate by physical adsorption, and then samples to be tested are attached to a surface.

  • Antibodies Production

    Antibodies are a class of immunoglobulins that can specifically bind to antigens.

  • Protein Expression

    Protein expression refers to a molecular biology technique that uses model organisms such as bacteria, yeast, animal cells or plant cells to express foreign gene proteins. It occupies a central position in genetic engineering technology.

  • Plasmid Construction

    The plasmid is a DNA molecule independent of the chromosome of the host cell.

  • Immunoassay

    Immunological methods are being more and more widely used in food analysis.

  • Molecular Biology

    Molecular biology is a subject that studies or explains all biological phenomena at the molecular level, and transforms and utilizes biology at the molecular level.

  • Cytobiology

    Cellbiology is a subject that studies the basic rules of cell life activities.