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Our mouse ELISA kits are mainly used to study the fields of Bones and muscles, Brain and nervous systems, Cancer Research, Cell biology, Disease characteristics, Endocrinology (hormones), Genetics, Heart, lung and circulation, Infection and Immunity and so on, like Mouse IgG ELISA kit intended for detection all mouse immunoglobulins, including all IgG isotypes, IgA, and IgM. 

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    How to feed mice in laboratory, and what are their lab environment requirements?

    Usually, the physiological and pathological research of mice requires an environment of SPF level and harsh conditions. Usually three main categories should be focused on: facility environment, feed/water and plastics, husbandry operations and day-to-day management, and waste disposal. The facility environment needs to control temperature and humidity, air cleanliness, and reduce noise pollution. The cages are made of stainless steel; the feed requires balanced nutrients, vacuum and high-pressure sterilization, drinking water needs to be acidified to inhibit bacterial growth, and the bedding is hygroscopic and non-toxic. Smell. Daily feeding rules, and records of mouse strains, and breeding records. The final waste treatment includes the harmless treatment of sewage and solid waste, animal carcasses and sharps, and special infection and radioactive waste treatment.

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    What are the differences between different subspecies of mouse and the precautions when preparing mouse samples?

    The mouse has less serum, which is easy to form hemolysis. Blood needs to be taken from the celiac artery, and the serum can be separated after standing for detection. The mouse can be divided into many subspecies, including nude mouse, black mouse and white mouse. Taking the white mice as an example, there are strains of A, AKR, BALB/c, RF, SWR, etc. The test kits of mouse-specific strains should be optimized as far as possible.

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