Research Reagents

Research reagents is an experimental reagent with strong specificity, high sensitivity and good repeatability. It can be applied to the detection of immunology, microbiology, neurology and other research fields. Because of its stability, easy preservation and simple operation, the determination of some difficult bioactive substances becomes easy, and the sensitivity and specificity of the detection can also meet the strict requirements.

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Different Kinds of Research Reagents

The Impact Of Research Reagents On Research Areas

  • Cytokines are mostly polypeptides, proteins or glycoproteins with good antigenicity. Antisera, polyclonal antibodies or monoclonal antibodies against different cytokines can be easily obtained by immunological technology. The detection of cytokines is of great significance not only for the basic research of immunology and molecular biology, but also for clarifying the pathogenesis of some diseases and guiding clinical treatment.

  • Immunological detection is one of the common methods for cytokine detection. In immunoassay, ELISA is a new immunoassay technology developed on the basis of immunoenzyme technology.

  • Research reagent is easy to preserve and the judgment is more objective. It is the most economical and common test method for detecting antigen and antibody in the laboratory, and has a wide range of application.

How Do Research Reagents Work In Lab?

  • This experimental method uses the recognition of antigen epitopes by antibodies and determines the antigenicity of cytokines. The same cytokine corresponds to two antibodies with different epitopes. One antibody is pre-coated on the microplate as a capture antibody and the other antibody is used as a detection antibody, and biotin is labeled on the detection antibody. Biotin molecules are combined with enzyme labeled avidin molecules to produce cascade amplification effect, which is more conducive to experimental detection.

    How Do Research Reagents Work In Lab?

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