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Fish are often used in environmental monitoring, embryo research, tumor research and others. Among them, zebrafish is the most commonly used. The zebrafish is a common tropical fish, which is native to South Asia. The zebrafish have a slender body with an adult length of 3~4cm, and they do not require high water quality. About 3 months after hatching, the fish reach sexual maturity, and mature fish can lay eggs every few days. The eggs are fertilized in vitro and develop in vitro. The embryo development is synchronous and fast, and the embryo body is transparent.


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Why Can Zebrafish Be Used As a Sample Model to Study Human Related Diseases?

Zebrafish have a high similarity of 87% with human genes, and their regeneration ability is very strong, so they are used in both retinal repair and auditory repair. In immunology, adult zebrafish can survive without the generation of thymus and lymphocytes. The zebrafish in early embryonic development after Escherichia coli infection is locally cleared by macrophages, which suggests that there may also be a cytokine or chemokine system similar to that of mammals in zebrafish. In addition, zebrafish, as a model organism, their development, function, and diseases (such as nervous system, immune system, cardiovascular system, reproductive system, etc.) in various systems (such as neurodegenerative diseases, hereditary cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, etc.)  are deeply studied.

What Are the Precautions when Taking Fish Samples?

Taking zebrafish as an example, they live in water temperatures between 20℃ and 23 ℃. Feed Artemia regularly one week before the experiment and observe the clarity of the water in the water tank in time. The zebrafish has a strong circadian rhythm. And it is necessary to pay attention to switching on the light at 8 am and off at 10 pm. Due to the small body sizes, they should be soft to hold during the operation. After the operation, it should be treated with ice-freezing anesthesia. In addition, zebrafish have less blood with the blood color light blue or colorless. In the immunoassay, there are a few body fluid samples, which can be cut into pieces, broken and mixed by the homogenizer, and then centrifuged to take supernatant samples.

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