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BlueGene Biotech is a company with research, production, and sale in one, our product's range includes Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) kits and registered trademark "cgbio®" ELISA Kits, proteins, antibodies, plasmids, and other reagents, such as His-tag Protein Purification kit. We offer thousands of ELISA kits for researchers worldwide since 2008. We are committed to providing the kits with simple and easy operations but accurate and reliable quality to the researchers, and we have won a good reputation from customers all around the world. Many published papers have cited the usage of BlueGene Biotech ELISA kits. In addition, we provide a 100% Risk-Free Performance Guarantee, professional technical service, and timely assistance for all customers. Our strict and sound quality control is a key part to sustainably supply our products for the international market for more than 12 years. More new products with good quality are coming soon...
  • ELISA Kits

    ELISA Kits

    ELISA Kits
    BlueGene ELISA kits are 1.5-hour solid-phase ELISA kits, they have very simple and easy procedures. The kits provide prediluted standards (ready-to-use standards) to avoid pipetting and calculation errors. Less complicated incubation and washing steps enable us to make fewer errors and more consistent results. Thorough and regular tests of the system guarantee great intra and inter-assay reliability and ensure a low coefficient of variation.
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  • Recombinant Proteins

    Recombinant Proteins

    Recombinant Proteins
    The Cellgene Bioscience branded recombinant protein is optimized and recombined to construct a vector by using genetic engineering methods, including eukaryotic cells and prokaryotic cells for recombinant expression. They are independently developed, produced and sold. It can be used in immunity, subcellular localization, cell culture, and other experiments. It is widely used and cost-efficient.
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  • Plasmids


    Cellgene Bioscience brand plasmid is a ready-to-use expression vector, containing the eukaryotic or prokaryotic promoters, start/stop codons, resistance genes, and other elements. There is a linker connection between the fusion protein and the target protein. After codon optimization and transformation, the target gene can be directly used for protein expression.
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  • Host Cell Protein ELISA Kits

    Host Cell Protein ELISA Kits

    Host Cell Protein ELISA Kits
    HCP series test kits are independently developed. Our company has mastered the upstream immune technology, antigen purification technology, affinity antibody purification technology, and downstream enzyme immunity kit debugging technology. The process is stable, the key components are produced independently, and are not affected by the supply chain. It covers technical services and 2D coverage, which is verified by LC-MS. The sensitivity of the commissioning kit is better than that of the commercially available HCP kit, with a long shelf life. It can stably supply domestic and foreign customers. Cooperate with biological pharmaceutical enterprises to establish purification process development and drug detection.
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  • Antibodies


    The antibodies are divided into recombinant monoclonal antibodies and rabbit polyclonal antibodies. Our company has mastered front-end immunization, blood collection and antibody separation technology. The titer of rabbit antiserum can reach 10 ^ 7, compared with negative serum. After immunization, 80-120ml of whole blood can be obtained. Antibodies can also be affinity purified, and the proportion of specific antibodies can be as high as 5% - 10%. The recombinant monoclonal antibody technology is also screened by antigen affinity purification, with high affinity and good stability.
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BlueGene Biotech R&D BlueGene Biotech R&D

Bluegene Biotech has been committed to R&D of ELISA kits, making our ELISA kits more convenient for researchers to use on the premise of guaranteeing the quality, thus assisting scientific research for our customers. So far, we have received 1200 published papers from researchers with a total of about 500 kinds of ELISA Kits that have been cited. Bluegene ELISA kit has the advantages of high specificity, high sensitivity, and high stability.
  • Cancer
    In medical terms, Cancer is referring to malignant tumors originating from epithelial tissue, it is the most common type of malignant tumor. While sarcomas usually is referring to the malignant tumors that originated in mesenchymal tissue however, there are also a few malignancies that are not named based on the above principles. Cancer is featured with cell differentiation, proliferative anomalies, uncontrolled growth, invasion, and metastasis. Its occurrence is a complex process of multi-factor and multi-step, which can be divided into 3 stages: carcinogenesis, promotion, and evolution.
  • Cardiovascular
    The cardiovascular system or the vascular system is also called the circulatory system. It consists of the heart, arteries, capillaries and veins, and other parts. It is a closed circulatory pipe, which allows the blood to flow, and supply oxygen, various nutrients, hormones to organs and tissues, it can also transport wastes of the tissue metabolism to excretion organs, to maintain the homeostasis of the body environment, carry on metabolism, and maintain life activity.
  • Others BlueGene Biotech's Researches
    BlueGene Biotech is always dedicated to developing and researching life science products in many important research areas. If there are any other research areas you can't find, our professional technical team is very pleased to provide support.
  • Cell Biology
    Cell biology takes cells as the research object. From the overall level, submicroscopic level, and cells molecular level. Cell biology focuses on the study of the structure and function of cells and organelles, and the life course of cells, and various patterns of life activities from a dynamic perspective. Cell biology is one of the cutting-edge branches of modern life sciences, which mainly studies the basic patterns of cell life activities from different structural levels of cells. From the perspective of life structure, cell biology is neither molecular biology nor developmental biology, but somewhere in between, connecting and permeating with them.
  • Immunology
    Immunology is a bio-medical science to study the organism immune response to antigenic substances and immune methods. Immune response is the body's response to antigen stimulation, and it is also a biological process of identifying and excluding antigenic substances. Immune function is a physiological function of the body to recognize "self" and "non-self" antigens, form natural immune tolerance to self-antigens, and repel "non-self" antigens.
  • Metabolism
    Metabolism consists of two opposite and simultaneous processes, assimilation and alienation. There exist both obvious differences and close relations between assimilation and alienation. Without assimilation, organisms can’t produce new protoplasm or store energy, then alienation cannot be carried out. On the contrary, if there is no alienation, there can be no energy release, and the synthesis of substances in organisms cannot be carried out. Assimilation and alienation are both opposite and unified, which jointly determine the existence and continuation of organisms.
  • Microbiology
    Microbiology is a science that studies the patterns of microbial life activities such as morphological structure, physiology and biochemistry, genetic variation, ecological distribution, classification, evolution, and applies them to practical fields such as industrial fermentation, medical health, biological engineering, and environmental protection.
  • Neurobiology
    Neurobiology is a science that studies the structure, function, development, genetics, biochemistry, physiology, pharmacology and pathology of the nervous system. The study of behavior and learning is a branch of Neurobiology.
  • Signal Transduction
    Signal transduction is the process of transferring information from the outside of the cell to the inside of the cell. It is the basic concept of cellular communication, emphasizing signal production, secretion and transmission, that is, signal molecules are released from a synthetic cell and then transmitted. Signal transduction is a process in which chemical or physical signals are transmitted through cells as a series of molecular events. It is the process by which chemical or physical signals are transmitted through cells as a series of molecular events. The most common one is the protein phosphorylation catalyzed by protein kinase, which eventually leads to cell reaction.
  • Detection of Cytokines
    Cytokines are a broad and loose category of small proteins in cell signaling. They are small secreted proteins released by cells, that have a specific effect on the interactions and communications between cells. Different cell types can secrete the same cytokine, a single cytokine can act on several different cell types, similar functions can be stimulated by various cytokines.
  • Cell Signal Transduction
    Signal transduction refers to the process of transferring extracellular information into cells. It is the basic concept of cell communication, emphasizing the generation, secretion and transmission of signals, that is, signal molecules are released from synthetic cells and then transmitted. Proteins responsible for detecting stimuli are generally termed receptors, although the term sensor is sometimes used. The proliferation of damaged or malfunctioning cells is often a key factor in generating disorders such as tissue regeneration, cancer, infectious diseases, inflammation, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, and neurodegenerative diseases.
  • Immunology
    Immunology is a branch of medical science that studies the body's immune system in all organisms. Epidemiology and medicine are involved in the field of Classical immunology. The immune system has been divided into a more primitive innate immune system and, in vertebrates, an acquired or adaptive immune system. Antibodies from B lymphocytes or cytokines from T lymphocytes are the critical component of neutralizing disease-causing microorganisms or viruses. Hence, research in the field of immunology is of prime importance for the advancements in modern medicine, biomedical research, and biotechnology.

About BlueGene Biotech About BlueGene Biotech

BlueGene Biotech is a professional ELISA kits manufacturer with 12 years of experience, which focuses on life sciences products and biotechnology. We're equipped with an advanced ELISA test research lab, offering thousands of ELISA kits to global customers. Our products cover research areas including Cancer, Cardiovascular, Cell Biology, Immunology, Metabolism, Microbiology, Neurobiology, Signal Transduction. BG ELISA kits can meet customers' different demands in various scientific research fields.

The product range from BlueGene Biotech is continuing to expand to meet resheachers’various demands. Our distribution network are connected all over the world, so that we're able to provide our products and services to many countries, such as America, Asia, Australia, Africa, and Europe etc. We are very honored to assist our customers worldwide with all passions and great efforts.

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Services For BlueGene Biotech's Customers Services For BlueGene Biotech's Customers

BlueGene Biotech is your premier partner in cutomizing ELISA kits, antibody production, protein expression, plasmid construction, immunoassay, molecular biology and cytobiology. Our dedicated team of PhD-level scientists is available to aid in your experimental design, which allows you to focus on more important parts of your research instead of the arduous work of searching and testing antibodies, building the ELISA systems

BlueGene Biotech News Center BlueGene Biotech News Center

Detection And Quality Control Of Host Proteins
Host proteins (HCP) form a major part of the process-related impurities in the production of biologics. The amount of residual HCP in a pharmaceutical product is often considered a critical quality attribute (CQA) because of its potential to affect product safety and efficacy.
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  • Definition And Structure Of Antibodies
    Antibodies are shaped like the letter 'Y' and their main job is to bind to an invading antigen, but not to kill the antigen - they do not have this function; the binding is to give the antigen a marker to be destroyed. When phagocytes find the marker to destroy, they come forward and swallow the antibody-bound antigen and digest it.
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  • Selfish Bacterial Plasmids
    Plasmids are a segment of circular DNA within a bacterium that is not part of the bacterial nuclear genome; they replicate within the cell and enter a daughter cell at random when it divides.
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