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1. Three Levels Of Cell Biology

The development of cell biology could be divided into three levels: microscopic, ultrastructural and molecular levels. It studies cell structure and function at these three levels. Cell proliferation, differentiation, metabolism, movement, aging, death, cell signal transduction, cell gene expression and regulation, cell origin and evolution, and other major life processes.

2. The Importance Of Cell Biology

Cell biology makes extensive use of the achievements of adjacent disciplines and draws on the strengths of others in technical methods. Anything that can solve problems will be used. For example, molecular biology is used to study the structure of genes, biochemistry and molecular biology are used to study various nonhistones on chromosomes, and their regulation and control on gene activities, or use immunological methods to study the distribution of various cytoskeleton proteins (tubulin, microfilament and various medium fibrin) in cells and their changes in life activities.