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1. Definition Of Signal Transduction

It is known that there are many signal transduction modes and pathways in cells, and there are multiple levels of cross-regulation between them. It is a very complex network system. In short, a process in which various signals can enter the cell through the cell membrane and gradually cause changes in cellular substances, mainly proteins, is called signal transduction. It is a multi-enzyme cascade reaction process. Each signal pathway forms a highly ordered regulatory network in vivo through the interaction of intercellular signal proteins. 

2. Mammals & Signal Transduction

Mammals need a variety of signal transduction pathways to maintain the integrity and coordination of cell response to signal stimulation. There are mainly six kinds of transmitters responsible for extracellular signal transduction to the interior of cells. They include ion channel gates, receptor enzymes, serpentine receptors, steroid receptors, adhesion receptors, and receptors themselves that do not contain enzymes.