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1. Definition Of Microbiology

It is a science that studies the basic rules of life activities such as morphological structure, growth and reproduction, physiological metabolism, genetic variation, ecological distribution and taxonomic evolution of various microorganisms at the molecular, cellular, or population level. It applies to the fields of industrial fermentation, medical health and bioengineering.

2. Three Features Of Microorganisms

Microorganisms have three features. First, it is small volume, large specific surface area, and its size of microorganisms measured in μm. But the specific surface area (surface area, volume) is large, so there must be a huge surface for nutrient absorption, metabolic waste excretion and environmental information acceptance. This feature is also the key to distinguishing microorganisms from all large organisms. Second, more absorption, and faster transformation. This characteristic provides a sufficient material basis for high-speed growth and reproduction and the production of a large number of metabolites. Third, it grows vigorously and reproduces quickly with extremely high growth and reproduction speed. This feature can convert a large number of substrates into useful products in a short time and shorten the scientific research cycle.