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  • Detection And Quality Control Of Host Proteins

    Host proteins (HCP) form a major part of the process-related impurities in the production of biologics. The amount of residual HCP in a pharmaceutical product is often considered a critical quality attribute (CQA) because of its potential to affect product safety and efficacy.

    Aug.09, 2022
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  • Definition And Structure Of Antibodies

    Antibodies are shaped like the letter 'Y' and their main job is to bind to an invading antigen, but not to kill the antigen - they do not have this function; the binding is to give the antigen a marker to be destroyed. When phagocytes find the marker to destroy, they come forward and swallow the antibody-bound antigen and digest it.

    Aug.09, 2022
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  • Selfish Bacterial Plasmids

    Plasmids are a segment of circular DNA within a bacterium that is not part of the bacterial nuclear genome; they replicate within the cell and enter a daughter cell at random when it divides.

    Aug.09, 2022
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BlueGene Biotech's Research For Metabolism

1. Anabolism In Organisms

Anabolism refers to the synthesis of all substances in organisms. It belongs to the category of assimilation, such as amino acid synthesis of protein and nucleotide synthesis of nucleic acid. Catabolism refers to the decomposition of all substances in organisms, it belongs to the category of alienation.

Energy metabolism refers to the exchange of energy between organisms and the external environment and the transformation process of energy in organisms. The two factors are interrelated and coupled. Metabolism is the basic condition for humans and organisms to maintain life activities. It's an essential characteristic of life.

2. The Basic Condition For Human

The organisms not only absorb nutrients from the external environment for anabolism but also obtain energy from the outside. This part of energy mainly comes from the chemical energy contained in nutrients. When these nutrients are catabolized in the body, they release chemical energy for the needs of life activities. Metabolism is the basic condition for humans and organisms to maintain life activities, it is the basic feature of life.