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Human biology and disease can be studied in Monkeys because they are very similar to humans; biologically, anatomically, and physiologically. They have similar brains, muscle structure and reproductive and immune systems. This means research with monkeys give us results which are more relevant to humans compared perhaps with the information obtained from mice or rats, start your research with our Monkey ELISA kits, BlueGene Offers thousands of affordable and simplified Monkey ELISA kits with best performance for Science Research.


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Monkey ELISA Kits Types

Which Kinds of Monkey Breeds Are Mainly Used to Do Elisa Testing In The Laboratory, and Why?

The experimental monkeys are divided into two categories: first, they are various wild monkeys, which we conduct experimental observations on various animal behaviors, regional distributions, etc., such as the key research objects, golden monkey, white-headed langur, black-headed langur, and so on.  Second, they are monkeys specially used for vaccines, drug research and development experiments, physiological experiments, and other projects. Now, the special experimental monkeys are generally macaques, such as cynomolgus monkeys, rhesus monkeys, flat-top monkeys, bear monkeys, and red-faced macaques. The most commonly used ones are rhesus monkeys, cynomolgus monkeys, and African green monkeys. Among them, rhesus monkeys have good reproductive capacities and good character.

Can the Monkey Elisa Kits be Used to Study Human Related Diseases?

Yes, the experiment shows that the genetic similarity between rhesus monkeys and humans is 93%. Rhesus monkeys have strong adaptability and a short maturity period and are easy to domesticate, breed, and are close to human physiology. People have found many human pathogenic genes in rhesus monkeys, so they are used as ideal experimental animals in non-primates research, biology, psychology, medicine, and many other disciplines.

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