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There are many epigenetic phenomena, including the known ones for DNA methylation, genomic imprinting, maternal effects, gene silencing, nucleolar dominance, dormant transposon activation, RNA editing and others. It can be composed of continuous sequence (primary structure of protein) or discontinuous three-dimensional structure of protein, which is a special chemical group that determines antigenicity, it is also known as antigen epitope. Antigenic determinants mostly exist on the surface of antigenic substances, and some exist in the interior of antigenic substances, which can only be exposed after being treated by enzymes or other methods. Cell labeling refers to labeling the target cells (groups) in order to track and investigate the role and behavior of a specific cell (group) in a multi-cellular system.

2. Bluegene Biotech's Strong Will In Important Research

BlueGene Biotech will never stop working in important research areas. We are happy to participate in new research areas. If you have any new research direction, our technical team will be in place at any time.