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BlueGene Biotech P01I0001 Human Interferon γ (IFN γ) Protein, Recombinant

Interferon γ (IFN γ) can also be called as IFG, IFI, IMD69.

Specifications Of P01I0001 Human IFN γ Protein, Recombinant

Porduct's Information

Catalog Number


Package Size


Other Names


Protein & NCBI Number

P01579, NM_000619.3



Express Region


Protein Length

The total length of the protein(including Tag)

Protein Sequence





Molecular Weight

about 19.3kDa

Fusion Tag

6×His-SUMO (N-terminus)



Physical Property

liquid or lyophilized powder


Storage solution: We recommend using PBS or a suitable solvent according to the experimental requirements to prepare 1mg/mL storage solution, aliquot and store at -20 °C.

Working solution: According to the experimental requirement, dilute the Storage solution. The working solution can be stored at 4°C for 2-3 weeks after dilution.

Storage & Stability

The shelf life of liquid form is 6 months stored at -20 °C /-80 °C.

The shelf life of lyophilized form is 12 months stored at -20 °C /-80 °C.


Antibody preparation, immunoassay (ELISA, WB), subcellular localization and interaction protein identification, etc.

Lead Time

5 to 10 business days;

2 to 3 days for stock products


IFNG gene encodes a soluble cytokine that is a member of the type II interferon class. The active protein is a homodimer that binds to the interferon gamma receptor which triggers a cellular response to viral and microbial infections. It has the functions of anti-virus, affecting cell growth and differentiation, anti-tumor, anti parasite and immune regulation.

Interferon- γ (interferon-gamma, IFN- γ) It is a cytokine mainly secreted by activated T cells and NK cells under the stimulation of mitogen and specific antigen. It is also a soluble glycoprotein, heat-resistant and acid, which is unstable at pH = 2. IFN- γ It can not only affect the cellular functions including anti-virus, anti swelling, cancer cell growth and differentiation, but also play an important role in immune regulation, such as promoting the synthesis of rRNA, promoting the expression of class I and class II histocompatibility antigens, and regulating the functional activity of homologous K cells, NK cells and macrophages. IFN- γ It also has antiviral activity, which is lower than type I, but it has strong immune regulation and anti cell proliferation, so it is also called immune interferon.

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